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Over the last few months, Chris Jackson has been busy hosting a couple of big events and presenting at some conferences. In front of an audience of 300, Chris was masters of ceremony of the Peter Farrell Cup (PFC) for the second time which was held in the main ballroom of the Sofitel in Sydney. This is one of the most prestigious events in the young student entrepreneurs calendar in NSW. There is a first prize of $15,000 and a total of over $30,000 in total. With dry humour and his usual generous spirit, Chris led the event through to a successful conclusion. Here is Chris introducing the competing teams.



Chris also hosted the Annual conference of the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group which he runs at the Business School of UNSW. Having organised the whole event and with incredible speakers, he was pleased that it was a sell-out event. The speakers at the conference included:  Jost Stollmann, Amy Cato, James Stewart, Frank Seeley, AM, Jeffrey Tobias, Dianne Welsh, Professor Munib Karavdic, David Hyman, Varina Michaels, Assoc Professor Joel Pearson, PhD. Here is a picture of the event:



Chris has also presented at recently at the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISS) which is an international personality conference that was held in Warsaw. Here is presented some of his latest ideas on "Fear in the workplace" which outlined a sophisticated model for understanding how fear (perhaps bullying by the boss) influences workplace outcomes:

Fear in the workplace


Following on from this, Chris has also just presented a talk on high performance and workplace maverickism to Sydney Water. Respondents had a lot of fun getting feedback on self-report measures of learning and maverickism and then finding out a lot more about these important workplace variables:


Workplace maverickism


Last but not least, Chris gave a couple of presentations to the local ACPID conference at the University of Sydney. Here is Chris giving a talk to a group of psychologists on what it means to have a survivalist personality. With characteristic humour, Chris talked about his research on the kind of personality associated with people who engage in survivalist behaviour (i.e. those who plan for survival after a disaster):


The Survivalist Personality

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